Контроллер TF-34U Распродажа!


State: Batch supply


1,the USB port communication (not U plate change words, but through the USB interface communication,avoid serial)

2,can take points: 32x512,dynamic time division.(and TF-A card function)

3,the function of remote control(can use remote control switch for remote control mode,the mode function similar to the TF-34 card.)


1,the USB interface,avoid serial ports,directly inserted into the computer to the USB port interface communication(pack USB drive)

2,A card realize TF-A and TF-and the function of the card,buy A card is bought 2 CARDS.

3,ultra-thin design and highest point only 1 cm.(including PCB,do not contain the pipe on the back foot)

4,super small design,PCB only 50mm x 50mm.(answer the row line the widest place no more than 70 mm)

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