Контроллер 3G H1 Распродажа!


1, Integrated 3G module (optional 4G module), support windows, Andriod and Apple Terminal. (3G, 4G modules have two versions for option).
2, Communication type: Ethernet port, U disk, 3G wireless data transmission.
3, Integrates four HUB75B interface.
4, Maximum load 65,536 pixel, single card maximum drive 256 pixel (32 scanning module).
5, Grayscale: highest 65,536 level.
6, Onboard 4 Gigabit large-capacity memory, support storaging more than 4 hours of video programming.
7, Support USB sound card output audio interface, the proposed external amplifier active amplifier equipment.
8, Support the start gradually light function to protect the power from the impact of large start-up
9, Wide voltage input, board support 4 ~ 6.5V voltage input to ensure that the voltage instability card control card work.
10, Optional modules: temperature and humidity sensors, brightness sensor, an external GPS module
11, GPS positioning, able to display on the map and view the current vehicle location and status information
12, GPS calibration clock, multi-terminal synchronous playback display
13, Support internet group control, users can play designated ads by district.



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